What To Do When Your Comfort Zone is No Longer That Comfortable
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What To Do When Your Comfort Zone is No Longer That Comfortable

Life gives us choices but we cannot control most of the "choices" it gives us. However, while we might not be able to control certain happenings in our lives, we can control how we respond to them. Life is all about challenging yourself to try new things, live a better life and get out of your comfort zone.

In his book Conversations With God, Neal Donald Walsch says "life begins at the end of your comfort zone". A lot of people are sitting in uncomfortable situations and arrangements simply because they are used to that and they are "comfortable". 

Most people resist and avoid the things they find difficult/challenging and stick with things and situations that are easy for them. 

We are in our comfort zone when we do only what seems to come naturally and what is comfortable for us. If you look carefully at your life you will find that you have created routines for doing things or living your life.

Getting out of that " routine" and doing things that are not naturally comfortable is a challenge for many.

Here's where you can start

List the routines that are no longer working for you, then start doing things differently. It's not going to be easy, change is good but difficult I know. Those people who always give excuses for reading, start by reading a chapter a day then two, before long you'll be suprised to see yourselves reading a book a month. If you are in a loveless relationship and can't get out because you are used to being with him/ her, start by taking a weekend away alone and soon you will realize that you can sleep alone.

If you've been thinking of losing weight but saying to yourself "I can't", think of what you enjoy doing and approach it from that angle. For example, try Zumba if you lIke dancing or aqua aerobics. To leave your comfort zone comfortably, review your goals and go with your gut feeling.

Some people even feel like their lives are stagnant that others are more successful than them yet they don't review and ask themselves the big question,what can I do differently? Sometimes that "different" thing would be to let go of " mr right" or that fabulous job because it takes out more than it puts in in your life. Don't say I have been with him for so long say my time with him was worth it and this is it. I recently had to give up on what I thought was the real deal, the love most women hope for, it wasn't easy but I had to do it and say this is it. My ex loved me but he was no longer in love with me. We were staying together but he moved on anyway, and coming home to our house every night. By the time Iserialized the cracks in our relationship, they were too big to be filled. I just had to leave my comfort zone.

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Comments (11)

Your points of the contents are well made.thank you.

Thank you Roberta.

Hi there, nicely written and excellent points made. Now how about another article? 

Thanks Fiona.

Look out for it sooner, I'm just adding some finishing touches to it.

Thought provoking!  Article nicely written, too.  Getting out of that " routine" and doing things that are not naturally comfortable is a challenge for many...this is so true but necessary for getting out of the comfort zone. Very inspirational post.  Thanks

Thanks Donata.

These are some great tips for easing out of your comfort zone! 

I very recently had this conversation with a young person struggling with her unfortunate comfort zone of drinking too much.  Your advice is right on point.

Very well said, you just added valuable insights to your readers and lift-up my self-esteem from my comfort zone, thank you.

Hi thanks Judith, Sharla and Jon.

Sharla, do you think for that young soul it's about being comfortable doing all that drinking or there's an underlying problem that he/she's running away from? Try to find out before its too late for them.

Good luck.

You posted some good tips.  They are very helpful.