Stress and Moving: How You Can Reduce Your Stress when You Move
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Stress and Moving: How You Can Reduce Your Stress when You Move

This article will give you some ideas on how to reduce your stress when making a move. Moving is very stressful on the mind and body. You are leaving a life behind to start a life in a new place. You can make moving a lot easier if you plan ahead. This article is written to offer some help so that your move can give you more anticipation and less stress.

Moving is one of the highest stressors a human being will ever have to go through. Even when you are moving to the home of your dreams, the thought and anticipation of moving can bring on major anxiety.  When you move up to a nicer home, you will most likely incur more cost per month.

Whether you are buying a home or leasing, when you move from one home to another, it’s a huge undertaking. The stress from the anticipation, alone, will increase your stress hormone, cortisol.  We need cortisol; it has a major function in the body, but when we produce too much of this hormone it causes us to gain belly fat.  We know that too much stress puts us at risk for a host of other diseases and conditions.

It’s important that we don’t let our stress levels get out of hand when we are planning and making our move.  You might say that it’s easier said than done, but there are some things that you can do to make your transition easier.

Before you pack the first item, have a plan in your head. Put that plan onto paper so you don’t forget what you need to do. Here are some ideas that will help to reduce your stress when you move.

How to pack for a move

Get boxes.  You can go to your local grocery store and request boxes.

Get markers. You will need to label all of your boxes, so use your magic markers to label kitchen stuff, living room stuff, bedroom stuff and so on. Each bedroom will have its own box so that you will know where the stuff goes.

Get wrapping material.  Newspapers are great and so are those plastic bags you get from the grocery store. You can wrap glassware, dishes, knick knacks and the like.

Pack necessary items for immediate access. You will need to find things quickly when you are moving. You will need things like toothpaste, toothbrush, changes of clothes, pet food and the like. You aren’t going to want to hunt through boxes. Use a different colored marker to differentiate the boxes for each person’s immediate access.

Get paper plates. You will need to create as little clean up as possible while you are moving and after you have arrived at your new home. Paper plates and plastic table ware are an absolute must when you are moving. You are going to be exhausted while you are packing and unpacking everything, so make it easy on yourself and use paper plates and plastic spoons, forks and knives.

Get help moving. It can be almost effortless to move if you can hire professional movers. However, most people living on a budget can’t afford to pay professionals to move them.  It’s important to remember that increased stress can put you at risk for getting injured, so try to get some help moving the heavy stuff. A hand truck can be very handy to move your washer and drier and other heavy appliances.

Use proper body mechanics. Lift with your legs, and not with your back. If you bow your back when you are lifting, you will most assuredly injure your back or feel the after affects of a backache later on.

Get a truck. If you have a pickup truck, you can make the move if you aren’t going very far. You will likely need to make more than one trip if you are using one pickup truck. A moving truck might be handier. They are quite reasonable to rent for a day. You will most likely have to pay for mileage usage.

Take your time. It’s not a race. Take time to eat so that your blood glucose levels stay at a healthy place. When you are tired and hungry, you will get cranky. When you get cranky you will feel stressed also.

Final thoughts

Say goodbye. It can be a very sad time when you move from one place to another. If you are moving away from friends and family, you will want to say one last goodbye. Even if you are just moving across town, you still might feel sad about leaving your present home. You have made a lot of memories there.

If I were to move, I would have to say goodbye to this home. It’s been home to me for a few years now. We have lost a dog while we have lived in this home. He is buried out in the back yard. I would have to shed a few tears to say goodbye to him and somehow reassure ‘him’ and myself that I will never forget him.

Cry. Cry if you need to. Crying releases tension. We release chemicals that cause us to feel anxious and stressed. We all know that when we cry we feel better afterward, so cry if you have to. When I moved to where I live now, I cried. I cried because I was exhausted. I cried because my feet were killing me. I cried because I was overwhelmed. If I ever move again, I’ll probably cry again.



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Comments (8)

Very good tips. especially the giving yourself permission to cry. It hurts and sometimes a good cry is the best medicine. 

nice article, votes

yep saying good bye is perhaps the hardest thing of all

Very good advice for those planning to move, Charlene. Moving is something that anyone who has spent years in the military is quite familiar with, for that reason, moving has never been all that stressful for me. In my case, it has always been far more stressful on my furry companions.

Yes Susan. I've been there and done that.

I agree Carol. It was hard for me even though we were moving to a better place.

I heard the same thing from another military friend. She and her hubby have moving down to a science. I agree Jerry that moving is very hard on the fur babies. I had a cat one time that ran away back to the old house. How he found it I'll never know.

I have found this post very useful. I am moving a lot. And I know how it's difficult to leave your old home and family and start new life. But the most important thing is that all that happen lead us to better life. So, don't be afraid of changes.I have already written a lot of psychology essay tips on this topic, that's why I know what I'm talking about.