Understanding The Bullies
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Understanding The Bullies

This article attempts to view the bully in the schoolyard. Attempt to understand the bully and what triggers him or her into acting the way they do. Why do they treat their peers in such a sub-standard way. The culture in the schoolyard seems to promote this behaviour with all the cheering and use of camera phones as an assault takes place. What is the role and responsibility of the school. The parents must be beside themselves as there child lives in fear and a confrontation needs to be arranged to sought out these problems.

Trying to understand bullies and how it got to be such a huge problem can be an awesome task. How many parents worry and fear for their child knowing these individuals exist at that same school. Does a mother fear that much waving good-bye to her daughter knowing she could encounter a constant barrage of annoyance and assault. What protection does the school offer if any. In many cases a student fears further threats of violence and in these modern times of camera phones a fight is videoed and even place on you tube. This all happens with the support of most onlookers and support for the bully. It must get to a stage where the school either suspends or expels the bully or the parents become involved hopefully mediation works for the most part. In some instances the bullying is also continued away from school online so as there is no escape. There have been reports where the child being bullied has attempted taking their own life or injured themselves seriously

If we attempt to go into the psyche of a bully, it has been reported in many cases that they had been bullied in the home and saw it as a natural reaction to act out in the same way. Sometimes the size of a bully would be a factor in pushing round smaller children or teenagers in the schoolyard or classroom. If there is no resistance the person will grow more confident in such a bad habit and establish a liking for physical jostling and assaults.

The bullied child will most likely keep the truth secret from her parents as not wanting to make a fuss and establishing themselves in the world as an independent person. This will work for a while until a child’s mother may notice marks, cuts or bruises and a sense of fear entering the personality.  It is a sad moment when a mother realizes with her maternal sense that something is very wrong at school. How does a mother wave good-bye and push her daughter towards a school that seemingly condones bullying? The School will not confront the problem instead allowing the children to sought out their problems. Hopefully some schools take positive actions.

This can begin with the parents of each child entering into mediation sessions. Hopefully these sessions will work. In some instances, a parent will confront a child directly in an attempt to stop the problem.

The culture of children and teenagers is such that it has extended to a higher level. The bully would be supported and cheered on as an assault takes place. They would take pictures, get all action on video, and post it on you tube. This is a problem where it is so wrong. Children need to be educated and those being bullied need protection. If it is not arrested that person can easily become withdrawn and effect the personality and confine their confidence into a negative rather than positive.

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Comments (2)

Bullying is so sad. I am glad you are helping to educate readers on this topic.

Thanks Christy