Understanding Philosophical Counseling in Psychology and Psychiatry Scientifically
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Understanding Philosophical Counseling in Psychology and Psychiatry Scientifically

Art of Research

We all have free will, so we are free to think, feel and act, but we cannot have a perfect or most desired resultant reaction. In other words, the resultant reaction is just a reaction to our action. The reaction that come as feedback to our actions become the cause for our new or thought for future. Thus, action, reaction and thought have a strong effect on our feelings. The Triangle of Psychiatry is based on our coordination of thought, action and feelings. Now, we have feelings as a reaction that we get as feedback from what we think and how we act.

We need very soothing effects and thus harmony among these three, namely the thought, action and feelings. However, the Triangle that we propose in the Philselfology is of Cause (Thought), Reaction (Action), and Effect (Feelings). If a thought of anger results in action and we speak rudely, we may say that thought (of anger), action (as speech) and the feelings (of rudeness) are disturbed. We may further say that we have had an argument with our boss in the office. It is the cause of the anger that gives rise to reaction in the form of anger.

You see, this anger affects not only others, but us. We are severely effected by anger and rudeness. We keep on blaming others for casing it. We correlate it with so many other factors that we may find Einstein's Theory of Relativity easier to understand than our own getting angry and rude. If we consider the Triangle of Psychiatry philosophically, we focus on the origin of the Triangle. The origin of thought, action and feeling is cause, reaction and effect.

In this hypothesis the anger is an activity that goes on in the mind; and speaking rudely is an action of speech or even gestures and other physical means that we use for outlet of anger. We need to use the concept of Mass (M) because when we feel heavy mentally or emotionally ,it has a substantial effect. For the duration, we consider the length of time of thought and action. The Length (L) of thought is its depth as well. We may take anger lightly or for a long span of time. The role of Time (T) has great significance for the Triangle of Psychiatry. How long we think, act and feel has great effect upon others and us. This concept of time needs Direction (D). We may find an easy outlet philosophically. Mostly, we consider the example of great people. For example:

"O Dear Father! Forgive them for that they don't know what they're doing."

You see it was not psychological sublimation of anger as Lord Jesus prayed for them, who crucified him. Thus, the wise always give examples that are direction for tolerance and patience. All of that which leads to virtues and qualities is the Direction (D). Lord Jesus' prayer was spoken about 2000 years ago, but we get the effects even today in the present. It is the human relativity as of light traveling into the universe. It may travel into the past as we know, and into the future as we seek. The Art of Living in the Present is the direction for all that we need from our human wisdom that we have received from the universe and all that has happened in our human civilization.

Thus, our Philosophical Triangle of Psychiatry is of reaction, cause and effect is as practical of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Now, we are considering the importance of direction in our life for our thoughts, actions and the feelings. You see it is not absurd to assume that it is like a vector, which is unlike space, time and energy, as they become vectors only when two or more combine. The Mass (M), Length (L) and Time (T) are usually expressed as MLT when we study about the dimensions. However, in our Philselfological Hypothesis we are considering Direction in addition, for philosophical solutions of psychological problems. Thus, we may term it as in space as MLT-D (Mass, Length, Time-Direction).

Like the assumption of distance and displacement, we have another problem that causes many diseases, particularly related to the brain and the nervous system in general. It is the concept of speed or velocity, as applied to our thought, action and feeling.

Take an example of a commonly found mental disease, like schizophrenia; in this case the thoughts either go with great speed or very slowly. If one’s actions and thoughts are speedy, we call it efficiency and award it with excellence. Do we bother whether we are satisfied with our efficiency, the way as we want or wish? Usually this kind of work, done without satisfaction, is treated as if something is wrong with the person or the personality.

This disintegration is just the similar pattern as the distance covered in the directed way by others. Like displacement, are we really moving towards Excellence, i.e., utilizing our hidden talents, arts and skills? The schizoid world is not personal problem, it is a common disease spread in the society, where speed and acceleration (or retardation) are co-related.

It needs direction, but not the medicines as mostly the mental disorders are treated, by highly intellectual people due to lack of direction, as Sir William James and other Humanistic psychologists and the natural Philosophers believe in the concept of Schizoid world. The creative and intellectual the people have philosophical feelings of reverence, shame and compassion that may fog the direction that they need. However, it is by all means a scientific problem in art of problem solving.

In general trends, the speed of thought is either accelerated though stimulants or retarded though sedatives. Through action and reactions the speed is judged and corrected and person is assumed to be well restored. Now the person is unnaturally satisfied because other says so. When the problems of an individual’s Excellence come, the collapse takes place and again speed is balanced. What have we done to the individual? We have just conditioned his or her behavior as we wish.

Now sitting alone, with behaviorally oriented auto-suggestive methods, one starts to learn to ignore or escape from the real aim, objective and goal that was set to be achieved. Coming back to displacement, the changes in mood operate to cope up. It could have been individual’s own (as self) directed moods. The control over one’s mood and emotions is one's own, and self-directed acceleration applied on displacement resulting in satisfaction, contentment, patience and tolerance, is the natural flow of thought giving them a direction.

This very direction is an essence of philosophical counseling that we need as an integral part of all branches and the fields of psychology and psychiatry so that we may develop our philosophical personality.

Thus, the philosophical personality is the road for our self-development, but psychologogyl or psychiatry can give us a personality development. We need both of these, but the self-development includes the personality development, however the personality development may lack the self or spiritual development and thus the philosophical (or spiritual) personality.

A smiling face of a child is an expression of philosophical personality because it lives in the present.

Thanks for your reading it!

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