Tips to Mend Damaged Family Ties
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Tips to Mend Damaged Family Ties

Conflicts within the family is unavoidable because of individual differences. Simple misunderstanding and arguments that are not solved right away can break family relationship in the long run. To mend family problems such as this, those who are involved should exert extra effort to reach out and ask forgiveness to family members that they had offended.


There is no such thing as perfect family. Problems are likely to occur because of differences in opinions, personality, views and perception. Simple arguments and conflicts among family members, if left unattended, can grow worst and in the long run, can break family relationship. It is hard to have a broken family ties but it can be mended if those concerned are willing to fix the problem. Below are the tips on how to mend a broken family relationship:

  • Fixing a broken family relationship is only possible if the concerned family members will learn how to ask for forgiveness. Those involved should apologize to each other. Even if you are not guilty and you believe that you have not offended anyone, just apologize if you want to fix the problem. It is your own belief that you have not caused the trouble, but others might have seen things differently.
  • Learn also how to forgive and when you do, do it with all sincerity and try not to bring up the problem again. Just move on and try to make up with the long lost time that you weren’t in good terms and were not communicating at all. Bringing up the old issue again isn’t right if you are thinking of fixing the problem.
  • Reach out to your family in any way if you want to fix the relationship. You can send them letters or cards with pictures of your kids or pictures of your whole family. Update them of what is going on in your life, about your kids, the school where they study and so on. Try to be very nice and friendly. Although you can do this through the use of an internet, your extra effort to write will be much appreciated by your family. And chances are, if you send letters through emails, they might not receive the message.
  • Try to keep in touch with your family on holidays and always do the first move to call them first. This is a good sign that you are giving up on your pride and wanting to make up things with them. You can also send gifts as a sign of love and peace offering to the one that you have offended.
  • If all your efforts to mend and fix your damaged family ties are futile, seek help from a friend or extended family to help your family heal the gap.

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