The Emotional and Psychological Benefits of Music
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The Emotional and Psychological Benefits of Music

An article about music.

Music is a powerful enigma. Music affects mood, emotional levels, and even body chemistry. Music is powerful because it taps into a person's psyche, and can cause them to either remember painful or joyous events. Music really is a celebration of life because explores feelings and subjects often pertaining to human life.

Many artists can use their personal lives to write lyrics which in turn becomes a song that extends beyond the person who wrote it, and people who hear it attach their own meanings as they listen and interpret. Music can be therapeutic and cause changes in emotional moods. Some music can diffuse anger and anxiety while other types of music can cause anger or sadness to escalate.

Creating a song or an album can be cathartic in nature because people can speak about tragic or life altering events in poetry or song that often cannot easily speak of in every day life experience. Creation of music and lyrics can be seen in the same category as art. Artistic endeavors can cause a breakthrough in emotional walls that sometimes have been up for years. The emotional release of pain through a person's art can be deeply felt and expressed. Singing and the participating in the arts can reach and heal pain that writing or talking cannot.

Musical artists often choose to speak about diverse levels of pain and self-discovery through song. The best artists are the ones who sing about feelings and experiences that are often common in the human experience.

Child abuse is a common thread in family life. Children can be abused sexually, emotionally, and physically. Some people carry the weight of that horrid experiences into their adult lives, and it can shape who they become as adults. Musicians in particular, often have often traumatic childhoods. Expression of pain about abuse can be not only cathartic to the artist but the listener as well.

Depression and feelings of suicide can also be addressed in music in a way that is more powerful than other mediums.

Artists often describe personal events that are only unique to themselves but can create a emotional response in artist's audience.

Music is powerful because it affects a person's mental and emotion well-being.

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Good write Shirley

haha I am signed in as my friend colin dovey right now, too funny, but it is me carol roach, great article by the way