The Concept of Salvation: Helping You Have a Better Life
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The Concept of Salvation: Helping You Have a Better Life

All of us wanted to be saved, and this is why we aim for salvation. There are now a lot of religions today that we can hold on to in order for us to be saved. Some say that the time of judgment is already and for us to embrace salvation, we need to start changing. Yes, it is true. We need to change from a person who is attached to the world to a person that is rooted in the Words of God.

This article will talk about salvation and how the concept of salvation can lead us to better life. If you are faced with doubts and uncertainties, keep in mind these thoughts about salvation and surely you will feel better.

1              We are bound to Heaven

There are people who think that it would be wrong for us to think that we are bound to heaven. Hear this, in 1 Jn. 5:1, Jesus said, “Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God.” This means that heaven can be ours if we just believe and follow the Words of God. When faced with a lot of problems, there is no better advice that to follow the Words of God for those Words are forever true. You will surely not go wrong with the God’s Words.

2              You are forgiven

Some might feel that they are not forgiven by God for the many sins that they have committed or there are others who might feel that they are not forgiven for they are still in a lot of problems in life. This is really not true since it is written in Acts 16:31, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.”  The words did not mention about “feeling saved”, but it said “you will be saved”. So if times that you feel that you are not forgiven, be reminded of these Words and definitely you will slowly realized that God had forgiven you as long as you believe and you ask for forgiveness.

3              The faintest cry for salvation is heard

Even though only a portion of your heart is crying for salvation still that is heard by God. Our Lord, who sees everything in us, will definitely give salvation to people who ask for it. You just need to have faith and always believe. Never lose hope in the salvation that God is offering to everyone. It does not mean that when you have a lot of problems today, God has abandoned you. Keep in mind that God constantly keeps an eye on his beloved followers. He will always be there for you. He will never forsake you.

4              Rely on the Words of God

You will surely be near to salvation if you learn how to rely on the Words of God. People today often forget that the easiest way to know more about God and the salvation He offers is through listening to His words. You need to trust in the Words of God and rely on it in every hardship that you face in life.


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Comments (1)

The sence of life and the way to happiness is the most essential things for almost all people. But in our time the tendancy to finding the concept of salvation is widely shared. And it's very well, because mankind tries to improve the way of the living and be more kind. But it's necessary to remember that secret is in our truly good deeds and into our hearts, that are connecting with God.View your soul and be happy!