Reading the Bible: A Good Habit to Start
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Reading the Bible: A Good Habit to Start

Reading the bible is an important practice that everyone should perform. If you believe that God exist, then you need to make sure that you are familiar with His words. For those who have not yet made reading the bible a daily habit, now would be the time to start doing it. You will not lose anything when you do it, but you will gain a lot when you read the bible.

Reading the bible is reading the life and preaching of God. When you read the bible, it seems that you are talking to God. All the words in the bible are forever true and you can use it in any problems that will come into your life. If you have not made reading the bible a habit yet, then you need to start now and here are some good ideas to help you.           

1          The more you read the Bible, the more you desire to read it.

If you are looking for the right time to start reading the bible it would be now. All you need to do is reach the bible. Keep in mind that the more you read the bible, the more you will desire to read it. Discipline yourself to read the bible everyday and eventually you will have the desire for it. When you face certain problems in life, the words that you have learned in the bible can surely help you.    

2          Reading the bible can become a habit.

When you wake up in the morning, you usually prepare a cup of coffee and enjoy the gentle breeze of the morning. This has become a habit for everyone. Reading the bible can also become a habit. If you just discipline yourself to do it every morning, then it would become a habit for you. While you are having your coffee, you can also read the bible. Starting your day with reading the bible is definitely a good way to start your day. You will have better days if you are in the light of the Word of God.             

3          Feed your soul.

Every day, we do our best to eat three times a day in order to fuel our body. We definitely could not do anything if we would not eat since we need the energy from the foods we eat. Keep in mind that we also have our soul and the same as with our body, we need to feed our soul. Feeding our soul needs to be done every day so that your soul will not starve. You will have a better life if you feed your soul with the Words of God.

4          Keep reading the Bible until you cannot break it.

The best way to teach yourself to read the bible daily is to keep on reading it until you cannot break the habit. There are hobbies that we get ourselves addicted into. We could not anymore live a normal life if we could not do these hobbies. Prayer should also be like this. You need to keep on reading until you will feel that your day will not be complete without reading the bible.

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