Origins Of Psychology And Freud
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Origins Of Psychology And Freud

Origins of Psychology dates back to and traces to Greece in the seventeenth century. We look at the battle involved in establishing itself as a science. psychology in fact is a branch of science where it looks to be an off shoot of Physiology and Philosophy in the main. There is also the need to mention biology and the study of separating mind from body. The need to look through behaviorists and psychiatrists are all involved in the subject of Psychologigy

Psychology can be traced back to the 17th century where it has origins in Greece. It is here where the mind and body are considered separate. It was considered that Psychology was a branch of science with disciples in Physiology and philosophy to be close by the study. We can study the behaviourists such as Pavlov with his theory of Pavlov’s dog and the fore fathers of the science. WE can look further along to Freud and his Psychoanalysis studies and work cases with middle class women in Austria. He met up with the celebrated Cal Yung who would be known to study collective consciousness. He would look at the spiritual side and this is where Freud had problems accepting this view. Both Psychologists published books to explain their work. Modern steps in the science are aimed at either a social science or individual case history.

In the earliest times of the science, many questions needed to be asked, to verify the standing in society. Was it really a science or a fanciful approach to understanding humans and animals for that matter. We would look at a number of science topics and sub categories to truly understand what this has to offer. There were quite a number of behaviourists that were mostly modern in the science of learning. Research papers that are published have an influence on students and professionals alike. The sections that are included in a research paper are essential to the study. This begins with a hypothesis, a method, findings and a result with appropriate graphs if possible.

Freud was well known for his work throughout Austria. He would mainly be involved with psychoanalysis. The patients he would receive were mainly females of middle class standing. He would consider that the patient went through changes that were problematic due to childhood flash backs and in other instances a sexual implications. He would also deal in dreams and what they would suggest to a patient. He produced his personal library and discussed his work. In psychoanalysis, he spoke throughout two volumes. He would meet up with Carl Yung who himself was involved with Psychology at an advanced level in comparison. He would publish books ‘A man And His Symbols’ which would lead the reader into a universal view. Yung would speak of collective consciousness, where he would look further into the psyche of a human.

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Comments (6)

Freud has been a major influence in Psychology. Well written article.

I am taking Applied Psychology and I really appreciate this article. Willhelm Wundt first distinguished Psychology from Philosophy.

Gerard, Thanks for that, I do recall that now as I was thinking of the father of Psychology at the time.

nice article


Psychology was the most interesting subject for me at university.  And actually I am fond of Freud's ideas. Most of all I like his works about children mental,physical, psychological development( the most important milestones of children's development and orders what to do with children in different ages). It helped me so much with my  daughter.I am satisfied that I am here on this site.