Ghosts , hauntings and Manifestations
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Ghosts , hauntings and Manifestations

This is one subject that has never failed to create interest and has been the subject of discussion for centuries. There is very little proof to substantiate the belief that Ghosts exist, but , sometimes one wonders

This is one subject that has never failed to create interest and has been the subject of discussion for centuries. There is very little proof to substantiate the belief that Ghosts exist, but , sometimes one wonders..

I am writing about 2 such incidents..

Kaveri's ghost.

 This incident took place a few years ago in the estates of my cousin who is my a great friend of mine.. I am just giving a short description of the estate just to make it simpler. You have the estate house built right in the centre surrounded by coffeee plantation all round, and there is a clearing around the house , and you have a few outhouses built around the main house for the live-in estate workers and others. The estate boundary is demarked by planting certain variety of wild growing cactus which acts as a deterrant to animals like Wild Bison, Elephants and sometime even Tigers when they decide to pay a visit, which is very frequent.......

This particular estate owned by my cousin's family is very vast covering an area of almost 300 acres and the backyard ,so to say blends into the foothills of the western ghats, the Brahmagiri range. My cousin decided to have a houseparty for a whole weekend in the estate with a few of his friends, I was supposed to have gone but had to drop out for some personal reason, so missed out on all the excitement. His parents were away, so it was him with 3 of our common friends , with 2 of them , at the last minute deciding to take along their girlfriends as well. They had a great time exploring the Nagarahole forests during the daytime, and were relaxing at night in the estate house after dinner , and, somehow the talk turned to ghosts and hauntings.. There had been a tragic incident in the past -The estate workers during the day had noticed a young woman sitting under a Tamarind tree just outside the estate boundary near the foothills, and they were naturally surprised to see her there ,since there is no road leading there and there are hardly any houses around. The young woman seemed very disturbed, crying and hardly answering them. They went on questioning her , when asked about her whereabouts she is supposed to have pointed to the hills beyond,and, they thought she had come from one of the smaller settlements they have there....

Later the ladies had persisted and finally she said her name was Kaveri, that is the only word she seemed to have uttered......As it grew late in the evening one of the workers found her still sitting there under the tree, so told her to go back to her house as it was not safe there, at which she got up and started walking towards the hills. But, the next morning, she was found hanging from the branch of the same tree , under which she had sat the previous day, her saree was used as a rope, and how she got on to the tree was/is still a mystery. There was a police enquiry etc; but nothing was known about her and till today no one has come forward to identify her. What led the poor woman, she was little more than a girl , to take such a drastic step , has remained a mystery... But within a week after the tragedy , there were rumors floating around about her spirit haunting the place, and it grew stronger by the day, with many people, mainly estate workers experiencing her so called presence and wrath ?

Having heard about this story, the youngsters wanted to visit the spot then and there, it was nearly midnight, and they wanted to see the place at night. But my cousin was apprehensive and was not too keen , finally they all decided to go.They set forth armed with torches a revolver and a gun ( most estate owners carry firearms)They requested 2 estate workers to accompany them,the workers were reluctant to begin with , finally agreed to go with them if the girls were left behind, but the girls apparently were the ones who had come up with the idea , so no way were they going to be left out, anyway the workers did go finally. They reached the spot and crossed over to the other side where there was a clearing after a landslide and the 2 workers became restless and funnily enough it seems all of them could feel a kind of fear which might have been psychological but they all felt numb.

One of the youngsters decided to go close to the Tamarind tree and touch it , at this point the 2 workers protested and started walking back to the house.The brave guy started walking towards the tree and my cousin and the other guy were shining the torch directly at the tree, and as he reached th tree , apparently they all heard a loud shriek - like a startled female crying out , and this made both of them shift the torch and shine it up the tree from where they thought the sound had originated., and within seconds they again focused it back on the ground and found the youngster had fallen down lying on his back, when the others rushed to him ,they found him unconcious. He later said that he was forcefully pushed back by something and that he had lost balance and had fainted with fear, nothing, no amount of arguments or possible explanations have made him change his views....he says that he had actually felt a hand on his face and chest and was powerless at that point of time.The 2 girls needless to say were in total shock . Later I went there under similar circumstances,late at night,with another group of friends , none of us had any such experience. But till today people talk about it and there are many stories surrounding the mysterious Kaveri...

Another Real Life Incident

 Let me share one more story as told by an old relative of mine...He is a retired army Brigadier nearly 80 yrs old if I am not mistaken, an absolutely well read , well traveled, interesting person.,still drives and is very active.He shared one of his mysterious experiences with us .. This took place in the early sixties while he had come to Coorg on his annual vaccation.He and 3 of his friends decided to go for a Shikari ( those days it was fashionable I guess) so they set out on a jeep taking all the necessary things and after venturing into the forest they had to leave the jeep as there was no proper road they walked around and having shot some birds and the like, decided to get back to the jeep and found that they were completely lost.

After trying various different directions , they noticed a small settlement with a few huts, one often comes across these suddenly in forests, and they decided to get help from there . Just as they were approaching it , it began to rain heavily and they ran towards the first hut and tried the door.It was open so they walked in and found no one there. But there were signs of life, there was a fire burning on one side in a grate, the kind one sees in villages, they waited for some time and apparently all of them fell asleep on the floor out of sheer exhaustion... When they woke up they found it was already dark but the rain had stopped, and they went out and found a couple of people moving about in the distance . They approached  them and since it was dark they could hardly make them out - asked for direction and one of them nodded and came with them ,it seems,  he walked without the help of any light. Whereas  the major and his friends, inspite of carrying torches were unable to keep pace with him, and he took them near to the place where they had parked the jeep . Before they could thank him he had already gone.

Later they recounted this incident to a forest officer friend of theirs and he was astonished to hear this, knowing every inch of the forest. -according to him the little settlement that was there had been burnt down a couple of years ago !!!

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This occurrence occurred a couple of years prior in the bequests of my cousin who is my an extraordinary companion of mine college paper writing service. I am simply giving a short depiction of the home simply to make it easier.