Don't Let a Diet Ruin Your Life: There is More to Life Than Being Thin
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Don't Let a Diet Ruin Your Life: There is More to Life Than Being Thin

My personal account of a battle with food to learn that there is more to life than being thin.

The credit crunch has, amongst other things, brought a little perspective to my way of thinking. I am a big fan of chick lit and of some ladies magazines. However, more and more I am getting disillusioned with not just some of the insipid writing classed as helpful guides but some of the dangerous trends contained within their pages. Some of the stuff that passes for health advice leaves (sometimes literally) a bad taste in my mouth. So after years of crushing self doubt, 1000 pages of size-0 models, (read over my lifetime so far), faddy diets, erratic eating and one 2 health scares, I have ditched the diet books, started a healthier regime (yeah that can include Haribo) and celebrated my body in all its glory (lumps, bumps and all). Why? Well let me tell youÂ…

  • First and foremost, life is too short and there is so much more to be doing that debating the merits of having a salad or a shish-kebab!
  • I have found that healthy eating is more effective than dieting and has much better longer term results. I tried the Atkins diet for a week and yes I lost weight but lost friends with my incredibly bad protein breathÂ…Phew! Now I eat what I want when I want, the key is MODERATION.
  • I realised that being skinny (or thinner) does not necessarily equate to a happier life, trust. Food became the enemy that I needed to control. Now itÂ’s something that I enjoy without it taking over my life. Changing my way of thinking (hard as it was) and being comfortable in my own skin is infinitely better.
  • My health suffered, my body and mind experienced unnecessary changes to its processes and functions. Light-headedness, nausea, faints, anxiety, stressÂ…the list goes on. At one point, my body just ‘shut downÂ’ and it was only the intervention of a school friend that ensured no serious damage was done.
  • I alienated a lot of people. I craved loneliness but at the same time wanted people to acknowledge my efforts (talk about screwed up).
  • I caught every sickness bug going because my immune system was not developing properly. Even today, the legacy of those years can still be seen although I am much much better.
  • Food is there to be enjoyed!!

I am not against eating a healthy diet or exercising. In fact these are very good for you. What I do not like is the constant pressure for women (and men) to see food as something that must be dominated and brought into line. Food is there to sustain us so that we can get on with doing important things like living life to its best and fullest.

IÂ’m off now for my break, tea and biscuit anyone? Take careÂ…

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Comments (2)

Clairsie, you've got that so right. My favourite is 'fashiony' ones that tell us that it is ok to celebrate our curves and fashion style then on the next page features a size 0 model in ridiculous clothes by some obscure designer which is the next big thing...geez.

Safe diet is very important for individuals who want to lose their weight. There is really no immediate remedy in losing weight, it needs time, effort, and dedication to achieve the perfect goal. Thanks for sharing this informative article, voted and shared.