Color Facts and Meanings
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Color Facts and Meanings

Facts about colors. Color meanings

Have you ever wondered, "Do colors have meanings?", "I wonder what that color means." Well I've done plenty of research and I got so much information on color facts and color meanings. Hope you enjoy.


  • Color of power and authority
  • When people wear black, it makes them appear thinner
  • Implies Submission
  • Can seem overpowering
  • Makes some wearers seem evil
  • Villains often wear black
  • make something seem depressing and scary
  • Can stand for secrecy


  • Symbolizes innocence and purity
  • Reflects light and is considered a summer color
  • Great in fashion because it is light, neutral and goes with everything
  • Imply sterility
  • Means being clean, fresh and good


  • The most intense color.
  • Stimulates faster heartbeat and breathing.
  • Color of love
  • Red clothing makes the wearer appear heavier
  • Red draws attention
  • Often gets used on warning signs
  • Evokes powerful emotion of passion, lust, sex, energy, blood and war.
  • symbol of pride and strength
  • many car dealers use red to showcase vehicles with
  • also symbolizes being angry


  • Peaceful tranquil blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals
  • can be cold and depressing
  • symbolizes loyalty
  • shows creativity and intelligence
  • shows strength, wisdom and trust


  • symbolizes nature
  • it is the easiest color on the eye and can improve vision
  • it is a calming refreshing color
  • also the color of health
  • it represents growth, money, fertility and safety


  • attention getter
  • considered an optimistic color
  • enhances concentration
  • used for legal pads
  • speeds up metabolism
  • represents youth, fun, happiness, sunshine and light playful feelings
  • energetic color
  • can be associated with cowards and being scared


  • color of royalty
  • connotes luxury, wealth and sophistication
  • feminine and romantic
  • rare in nature and can appear artificial
  • mystery and magic
  • can give the appearance that something is fun and easy to do


  • color of earth and is abundant in nature
  • can be sad and wistful


  • is a bright and warm color
  • represents fire, the sun, fun warmth and tropical images
  • increases oxygen supply to the brain and stimulate mental activity
  • stimulates appetite
  • can be associated with autumn

Hope you have fun reading

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